Dudhsagar Waterfall



Dudhsagar Falls

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India is Golden Bird and the country of abounding beauty that is from perennial lakes to giant mountains there is something unique in the country. Undoubtedly there are many attractions which captivates travelers in large numbers from all over the world. Dudhsagar Falls is one of the example from the popular attractions of India. Dudhsagar Falls is actually like a fascinating stop in the journey of Mandovi river starts from the western ghats to Panjim and at the end, it falls in the Arabian sea. It is located on the borderline of Karnataka and Goa. The nearest railway station that is well connected by roads is Castle Rock railway station and from there, travelers can board the train to Dudhsagar Stop which doesn’t have a proper platform.

Story Behind It: There is an interesting story behind the Dudhsagar Falls or literally a sea of milk and the story goes like this there was the princess of the area who usually came to take bathe in the lake of western ghat and daily they used to drink the milk around 1 jug. One day when the maidens were taking bathe there was a traveler stop there to see them then all the maidens to save their dignity spills the milk in a form that milk forms the layer of a curtain. Since then these falls have the color of milk. I don’t know the story is true or not but when you heard this store it is sure that water looks much milkier to you.

The height of these falls is around 300 meters or 1000 feet and it might be possible that it does not look so spectacular in the summer season but in monsoon, it surely must visit the place. Chennai express movie makes it more popular as it captures beautiful pictures of the falls.

There are two temples near it – one is Dudhsagar Baba temple and second is satteri temple. The scenario is too beautiful to reach the destination through jeep ride or take a walk. So planning a trip to Dudhsagar Falls, Goa is an excellent idea to make your vacations more memorable.



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